Sailing, the sea, motorboating, windsurfing, water skiing, crab fishing and snorkelling were all part of my upbringing. As the founder of SeaBreeze (formerly Someday Boats), I, Tone Fuhre Pettersen, grew up in Larvik and later lived in Drammen. With a cottage in Kragerø and parents interested in boats, it was difficult to avoid activities by the lake. Is there anything better than sitting on a rock and hearing the waves crash? Perhaps you prefer to watch the waves lapping onto the beach, while the sand tickles you between your toes, or perhaps best of all; to be right in the center out on the great sea in a beautiful vessel. Either way, SeaBreeze is here for you.

SeaBreeze sells experiences and memories. It's about creating something together, experiencing something and achieving spectacular moments. Experiences should be something you can touch and feel. Anchor them in and retrieve them whenever you want. Walk through new doors, see new worlds, feel freedom and experience mastery. Behind every product at SeaBreeze you should be able to find an experience. Share it with friends, family, acquaintances and loved ones, or enjoy it alone in peace and quiet.

Tone sails Optimist dinghy in autumn 1986

Values ​​are what matters to us, and which guide our actions. In SeaBreeze, the first letter of our values ​​forms the word BOAT. It is easy to remember, when we are a little above average fascinated by the sea and water.

Excitement. We want to excite both our customers and employees. We do this by seeing, acknowledging and involving.

Upturn. When you visit us, you should have an experience that exceeds expectations. When you think "wow!", then we have reached the goal.

Attractive. We want to be your preferred dealer and supplier. That is why we maintain high quality and service.

Trust. As a customer, you should be able to trust us and be sure that we keep what we promise.