Learn the summer's hottest activity, Wingfoil. Part of the collective term Wingsport. During the summer we hold courses in wingfoil. In winter, you can use the wing for wingskating, wingboarding, wingskiing and much more. All activities are covered by the collective term Wingsport.

If you are a woman, you can join the Wingsisters community. We invite you to joint training sessions and other social measures. The threshold is low and you do not need to have tried wingfoiling before. The most important thing is that you are curious and have courage. We look forward to getting you started.

Whether you are male or female, you can of course also take part in courses. There are actually most men in the environment. Get in touch and sign up for one of our advertised courses, or book a private lesson at Vibrant Surf . None of the scheduled times suit, but you want us to arrange something near you? Contact. We will do the best we can. All registration via Vibrant Surf's website. Link to the course page here.

And yes, who are we, the people behind Vibrant Surf (Jorunn Horgen and Emil Horgen Rasmussen) and SeaBreeze (Tone Fuhre Pettersen). Some more experienced and prize-winning water sports practitioners than others, but all with an open mind and a great love for activity on and in the water.

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See the equipment in use!


Get to know the Wingsisters. With a curiosity for wing sports and a heart for water activities, you are warmly welcomed into the community. Whether you have a lot of experience or are completely new, attend one of our gatherings and get hooked on wingfoil.

El Medano on Tenerife in November is here to become a tradition. Luxury or low-cost tour, you decide. More info about activities, gatherings and trips for 2024 to come...

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Wingsisters in El Medano.

Oda Johannes Vannsportfestival - Wingsisters innkvartering

Wingsisters disponerer nærmeste røde hytte for felles innkvartering. Her er god plass inne og ute. Ønsker du sengeplass? Kontakt Jorunn Horgen på mail:

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