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Powerful rechargeable SUP pump with built-in battery

Powerful rechargeable SUP pump with built-in battery

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Revitalize your SUP experience with our powerful, rechargeable SUP pump. Fast, light, and efficient; inflate to 15 PSI in under 10 minutes. Includes four adapters, designed for all your water sports needs.

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air flow 350L/min

Efficient and fast

With an air flow of 350L/min, our pump is one of the most powerful and fastest on the market for private users. The powerful motor and adjustable pressure levels ensure fast and even inflation of your product. The 15,000 mah battery has the market's longest service life.

automatic stop function

Safety in focus

The built-in pressure sensor gives you full control over the inflation process, and you can be sure that the board will be correctly inflated without risk of damage. The pump stops automatically at the set pressure level. However, remember not to use the pump for more than 15 minutes continuously, before it has time to cool down.


Freedom and beauty

The rechargeable 12V SUP pump gives you the freedom to inflate your SUP board anywhere, anytime. Whether you're at the beach, by the lake or in a remote holiday destination, you can easily take the pump with you and have the board inflated in no time. No more searching for an external power source or hand pump endlessly. With our pump set you can save valuable time and energy.

Whether you are passionate about SUP-boarding, wingfoil, RIB , boating or any other water sport, we have the perfect solution to prepare your equipment quickly and without physical effort: our electric, rechargeable pump . This versatile rechargeable pump offers an adjustable pressure setting from 0-20 PSI and comes with four adapters. The adapters make it possible to inflate different types of equipment in record time. A SUP board reaches 15 PSI in less than ten minutes, thanks to the impressive airflow of 350L/min . This is among the most powerful in the private market.

The rechargeable 12V pump gives you freedom and mobility , so you can inflate your equipment anywhere, without the need for an external power source. When the selected pressure is reached, the pump stops automatically. We guarantee safe, efficient and precise inflation every time.

Light, compact and portable , this pump is your best companion for any water sports activity. It ensures that you can quickly get out on the water. It is also equipped with a built-in 12v socket, so that if you unfortunately run out of battery power, you can connect it to a 12v (cigarette lighter) socket in, for example, a boat, car or caravan. The pump comes complete with everything you need: a built-in battery (15000mAh) , air hose, four valve adapters, and cable set for charging at home and 12v cable for use in a car or boat. Get ready to simplify your experience on the water with our electric rechargeable pump – an essential tool for every water sports enthusiast.

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