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RIB350 ALU 0.9mm PVC

RIB350 ALU 0.9mm PVC

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11 foot RIB of very high quality. Aluminum hull for rough use. Total weight approx. 80 kg. This is an incredibly light and practical boat in relation to its size. Aluminum is environmentally friendly with its recyclability and is extra shockproof in relation to hull damage. In a boat with a fiberglass hull, you may have the misfortune of making a hole in the hull. With aluminium, at worst there will be a small dent. Aluminum retains its light weight and does not attract moisture and water. Even after 7-10 years, you therefore have a boat with the same weight as when it was new. The standard equipped boat has: 2 foldable oars, 2 tow hitches aft, 1 tow hitch in the bow, storage room with lid in the bow, boat pull, manual foot pump, patchwork, ropes, ladles and fasteners inside for e.g. bags/brought equipment. Additional equipment that can be ordered includes: Console and seat, foldable sunroof (also protects against light rain), storage bag under the tuft, fold-down wheels aft and fishing table for placement on a tube, Dimensions: 350x170cm. Tube diameter: 45cm. Air chamber: 3 pcs. Net weight: 80 kg. Max load capacity: 650kg. Max persons: 4.5. Max engine: 15hp. 0.9mm thick PVC. Ordering time must be taken into account. The boat can be delivered in several color combinations and sizes.

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