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Fayean 10´6" "Guns & Roses" SUP

Fayean 10´6" "Guns & Roses" SUP

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Stable and tough inflatable SUP for the rebel. A stable board for the paddler who wants to stand out. Unique design from the popular manufacturer Fayean. Storage bag in black design. Complete package with bag, board, oar, pump, leash, waterproof mobile holder and repair kit. Inflatable SUP board in PVC, an air chamber. The board has a maximum load capacity of approx. 120 kg. Recommended maximum user weight is 90 kg. The board has length: 320 cm, width 81 cm and thickness 15 cm. The board is very easy to carry with a net weight of less than 10 kg. Recommended pressure: 12-14PSI. Max Pressure: 15PSI. The bag you put the board in has the dimensions: 90x43x24 cm. The bag has a strong zip and carrying straps for the back. Here you get everything you need in a complete package. The inflatable SUP board is perfect for play and fun on the beach, but is also intended for adults on day trips. Stand out on the water with the tough design. This board is an eye-catcher!

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SeaBreeze - stand up paddle boards

Enjoy warm days along the coast with SeaBreeze inflatable SUP boards. This is the ideal choice for families and enthusiasts who want a stable and playful paddling experience. The board, with its vibrant colors and unique design, ensures fun for all ages. The complete package includes a sturdy carrying bag, oar, pump, leash, waterproof mobile holder and repair kit with glue, valve key and patching items. The board weighs only 9.8 kg and is optimized for both beginners and advanced paddlers. With the happy colors and tough motifs, you are guaranteed to stand out. A 3-year warranty ensures that this robust, inflatable SUP board is ready for your new sea adventures.

directionally stable

3 slide-in fins

With removable slide-in fins, you can easily paddle stably in the right direction. When paddling in shallow water, you can choose to take out the longest one, and still keep the direction with 2 short fins. You can buy fins as a spare part, should you be unfortunate enough to lose one.

easy to handle

Net weight under 10kg

With a net weight of less than 10 kg, everyone can handle this SUP board. Central carrying handle makes the job even easier down to the water's edge.

unique colorful design

Colors and motifs that make you happy!

Don't buy a boring SUP. Choose a SUP with colors and motifs that make you happy. All children in particular love our colorful motifs. You can only get the Oslofjord's most colorful SUP from SeaBreeze.

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