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Guided SUP paddle trip in Leangbukta

Guided SUP paddle trip in Leangbukta

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Duration approx. 2 hours. We paddle out from the marina sheltered from both wind and waves. We follow the mountain side towards Konglungen. We pass protected Esvika, and enjoy the sight of it the small, beautiful town, Konglungen, which with its white houses and red roofs, gives a taste of being in the south. In strong winds and big waves, we paddle under the bridge and turn around in the strait, then paddle the same way back. In good weather, or with a desire for tougher challenges, we paddle around the entire Konglungen and then back to the starting point in Leangbukta boat harbour. There is always the opportunity to take pictures along the way. If desired, we also make a small stop for food and drink outside at Konglungen. Price includes all necessary paddling equipment. Life jackets are required. You can borrow this from us.

Book a paddling experience on a stand up paddle board with a friend, the family, the dog, the cat or come alone. The tour can be carried out on all weekdays, weekdays and weekends in the season April-October. On Viator and Tripadvisor we have organized paddling trips, which you can book into. Start the paddling trip at 10.00 or join the evening trip at 19.00.

See link to our event on Viator, where you book in:

Konglungen's history: Konglungen has a history as an old beach resort. Beach sitters settled on rented land, and took various jobs connected to the sea. Towards the end of the 19th century, it became popular among townspeople to rent holiday homes by the fjord. Konglungen soon became a popular holiday destination among wealthy people in Oslo. From the 1870s, large Swiss-style cabins were built on the mainland side of Konglungen. In 1905, the first bridge across to Konglungen opened, at the request of the residents. The place has gradually developed into a prosperous residential area. The Norwegian businessman Kjell Inge Røkke, among other things, has his residence here.

On the tour you will also see the old building, Esviken. Esviken was originally built as a summer residence in 1872, according to drawings by Wilhelm von Hanno. Esviken belonged until 1999 to the family circle Schou, Egeberg, Wedel-Jarlsberg and Paus. All were descendants of the industrialist Halvor Schou. In 2006, the house and garden were protected by the National Antiquities.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. What should I wear? Dress like you're going for a workout or jog. Dress according to the weather. If it's summer and sunny, wear shorts and a t-shirt. If the weather is cooler, wear training tights and long-sleeved sweaters. A light windbreaker can also be advisable in some cases.

2. Can I borrow a wet suit or a dry suit? We have some wetsuits for loan if desired. Feel free to send us a request for the current size.

3. Will I get wet/fall into the water? There is always a risk of falling into the water, so bring a towel and a change of clothes. We have waterproof bags for storing a change of clothes on board. We generally find that very few people fall into the water, as our boards are very stable.

4. Can I bring my mobile? Yes, you can bring a mobile phone. We have some waterproof mobile cases for loan, if desired. It is SUPER fine to take pictures during a paddling trip. However, you take valuables with you at your own risk.

5..How stable are the SUP boards that are used? The boards we use are very stable and are very suitable for beginners. Length 230cm and 350cm.

5. Do I have to use a life jacket? Yes, you must use a life jacket at all our events. This is to ensure that safety is as good as possible. The instructor has approved the "Life saving in water course", but it is still safe if everyone uses a vest.

6. Is there free parking in Leangbukta? There is 2 hours of free parking in Leangbukta boat harbour. In summer it can be difficult to find a free place, but it usually works out.

7. What is the age limit for participating in a guided paddling trip via Someday Boats? If you book a private guided paddling trip, we have no lower age limit. We still recommend that the smallest children sit with the adults on the boards. We have a couple of boards that are intended for paddling by children/young people. These can be used when the whole family wants to paddle on their own SUP board.

8. What size of SUP board is used for the paddling trips? Our boards are normally 320cm and 350cm long. There is plenty of room to sit in the front for one person.

9. What requirements do you have for previous paddling experience? With us, you are most welcome even if you have never paddled a stand up paddle board before. We have no requirements for previous experience. If you are new to the SUP board, we provide the necessary instructions and help you get started. If you have paddled a lot SUP in the past, you will also find the paddling trips rewarding and exciting.

10. Who is responsible if an accident occurs on the paddling trip? We take safety seriously. Instructor has approved "Life saving in water course". Safety procedures are reviewed before each paddling trip. After all, it is still you as a tour participant who is the responsible party for your own safety. We therefore recommend that everyone have insurance (life or travel insurance) in order, use a life jacket and a leash (safety line attached to the board).

11. Is there a toilet in Leangbukta that I can use before the paddling trip? Yes, there is a toilet available for all paddling participants. Contact the instructor.

12. Is it possible to buy food before/after the paddling trip in Leangbukta? We sell ice cream and soft drinks in the sea stall. At the Riviera restaurant you can have finer meals.

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