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Rent Winge 2 hours

Rent Winge 2 hours

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Tough product. Our 4 sqm prototype Winge can now be rented from NOK 150 (3 hours) WingSUP, Wingfoil, Wingsurf, Wingskate, Wingski or Wing-Iceskate. Only the imagination sets limits to how this Wing can be used. The wing is packed in a practical small carrying bag. A pump to inflate it is included. Max Pressure: 6 PSI.

How the pros Wingfoil: Wingfoil World Cup France 2022.

To reserve the exact date and time, contact us by e-mail: or call tel: 47672326. Payment is made by "picking" the products in the online shop. Choose hour, day, weekend or week. Pay with VIPPS or Klarna.

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